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Southwestern Treasure

In loving memory of my french-fried units

2 XLT's*
2 Gold units
1 6000 Di Pro
1 Pi Water Unit
1 TM808
*Note: I think one of the XLT's committed suicide however. The wife had a pink doily coil cover on it. =)

This is me with my new XLT. The others went up in flames in a van fire incident. Nice to be back in the detecting business!
     I  live in the small town of Kirtland, next to Farmington, in the far northwestern corner of the state of New Mexico.  From here I have access to four states. Yes, I know. The first words out of most
people's mouths is: "Why detecting?" First, I'm a history buff. Any finds made from the past may be
boring to most people, but I find them fascinating! Second, it keeps me busy and out of my wife's hair. I also enjoy the people I meet that are also interested in metal detecting, as well as gold prospecting.

  Alan's Finds

Latest Finds
My First Published Story
Pictures of the Surrounding Area
My Favorite Friends' Pictures

White's Electronics

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